Part technical and part theoretical, Browsers, Devices, & Fonts: A designer’s guide to fonts and how they function on the web, helps designers understand how the typographic choices they make in layout and prototyping programs behave once they are turned into live code. Through a series of demos, this book teaches designers how to create typographic dominant webpages by learning just enough HTML and CSS to be able to view the content in different browsers, devices, and operating systems.

With live webpages to evaluate, designers will learn how to test those pages for supported features and performance, ensuring font choices look as good in the browser as it does in their layout program, delivering a speedy experience to the users.

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Chapter 02

Chapter 02


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Chapter 03

Chapter 03

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Chapter 04

Chapter 04

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Gary Rozanc researches the best practices for teaching interactive and user experience design, specifically finding the ideal balance of visual design, user experience, and front-end development skills for the emerging interactive designer. To support his research, in May 2014, Gary’s proposal “Web Designer Competencies Inventory and Recommendations for Inclusion in Design Curricula” was awarded the AIGA DEC Design Faculty Research Grant.

This research evolved into interviews with design practitioners to determine, contextualize, and prioritize these competencies, and is distributed via Gary’s award winning podcast series Design Edu Today. Nationally recognized by the AIGA Design Educators Community, Design Incubation, and UCDA, Design Edu Today contributes to discovering the ideal balance between design disciplines that he brings back to the classroom.

Gary presents his research at international and national peer-reviewed conferences including AIGA’s bi-annual National Conference “Head, Heart, Hand” and the “International Conference on Design Principles & Practices.” Gary is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and received his BA with a concentration in graphic design from Cleveland State University, and his MFA in visual communications from the University of Arizona.